2011 | 46 | 63-84
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PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT IN BULGARIA IN THE YEARS 1914-1944 (Ruch ludowy w Bulgarii w latach 1914-1944)

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The years 1914-1944 are an extremely uneasy period in the history of Bulgaria, not only in the national context, but also on a international scale. It was a time of two massive military conflicts which swept across Europe and inevitably involved Bulgaria. It was also a time of several political crises and coup d'etats. The history of Bulgarian people's movement was strictly connected with those significant events. That was because BLZCh, fairly popular in the countryside, was one of leading political parties in Bulgaria. Powerful background, constituted by Bulgarian peasants, allowed the Union to consider itself the leader of the opposition and take over the power over the country in 1919-1920. The people's rule, however, faced strong resistance from right-wing political groups, and ended in a coup d'etat in 1923. The period that followed was undoubtedly one of the hardest in the history of the Union. Not only was the people's movement (BLZCh) forced to go into the Underground, but also went through serious conflicts inside itself, which eventually led to its breakup. Bulgarian peasantry activists returned to the political scene only at the beginning of the 1930s, but competing fractions of the movement no longer played as important a role as they had previously. Changes that followed the end of World War II allowed people's movement activists to become the centre of attention again. The movement, traditionally supported by the peasantry, became a pillar of the opposition against communists who were trying to impose a totalitarian system in Bulgaria. However, in the transformed geopolitical situation, it was not able to lead an equal fight and eventually left the historical scene in 1947.
  • Jaroslaw Rubacha, Uniwersytet Warminsko- Mazurski w Olsztynie, Instytut Dziennikarstwa i Komunikacji Spolecznej, ul. K. Obitza 1, 10-725 Olsztyn, Poland
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