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2010 | 78 | 2 | 178-192

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ONLINE ACCESS TO INFORMATION ON DOCTORAL THESES AND FULL TEXTS OF DISSERTATIONS DEFENDED AT POLISH UNIVERSITIES. (Dostep online do informacji o doktoratach i do pelnych tekstow rozpraw bronionych w polskich uczelniach)


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The author analyzes access to information on doctoral theses and full texts of dissertations defended at Polish universities and the participation of Polish scholarly community in collecting and making those texts available online. He discusses involvement of various academic institutions in offering bibliographic information and full texts of theses to the public and most common obstacles in accessing those resources. Research on the topic was conducted in autumn 2009 and involved websites of twenty best Polish universities, their libraries, archives, databases and catalogs they offer and resources they collect in their digital libraries. The author offers some solutions which may prove helpful in overcoming obstacles and barriers identified during the research.








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  • Remigiusz Sapa, Instytut Informacji Naukowej i Bibliotekoznawstwa Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, ul. Gronostajowa 7 , 30-387 Krakow, Poland


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