2009 | 18 | 253-261
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NAMES OF COLOURS IN THE PARABLES IN THE CONTEMPORARY CZECH TEXTS (OF CZECH NATIONAL CORPUS) (Nazvy barev v prirovnanich v textech soucasne cestiny (na materiale ceskeho narodniho korpusu)

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There are parables with the names of colours in Czech that compare the 'colour of people - of the human face, human skin', of the colour of anything else to the colour of anything in nature, of natural scenery: to the colour of plants (zlutý jako pampeliska - as yellow as a dandelion, zlutý jako citron - as yellow as a lemon / lemon coloured), to the colours of animals or birds (zlutý jako kanárek - as yellow as a canary / canary coloured) or to the colours of anything else in natural scenery (sedý jako more - as grey as a billow, sedý jako hvizdný veeer/hvizdné nebe - as grey as an evening sky with stars), or the parables can compare the colour of the human body (face) to the colour of some things (zlutý jako vosk - as yellow as a wax /, zlutý jako pergamen - as yellow as vellum, zlutý jako pivo - as yellow as a beer, sedý jako ocel - as grey as steel/steel-grey, sedý jako popel - as grey as ashes / cinereous). Authors of belles-lettres or of poetry using parable-comparison with the words zlutý / yellow usually depict the human visage as a symptom of illness or caducity (jeho oblieej byl zlutý jako vosk - his face was yellow as wax; byl zlutý jako pergamen - he was yellow as vellum) or they etiolate the people (zuby mill zluté jako citron - his teeth were lemon yellowed, dostal zloutenku a byl zlutý jako kanárek - he suffered from jaundice and was canary coloured). Using the word sedý / grey in parable-comparison authors sometimes depict people of nasty appearance (oblieej sedý jako prach / jako popel - face as grey as dust / / as ashes / cindereous), but sometimes they picture something nice in the human appearance (oei sedé jako hviizdné nebe / jako more / jako oblázky - eyes as grey as an evening sky with stars / billow/ pebbles).
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  • Ivana Kolarova, The Masaryk University, Faculty of Education, Department of the Czech language, Porici 7, 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic
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