2009 | 133 | 1 | 43-47
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THE CONCEPT OF COMMUNICATIVE SPACE AND ITS ROLE IN LANGUAGE USE (A kommunikacios ter fogalma es szerepe a nyelvhasznalatban)

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The concept of communicative space is rather complex and consists of a number of diverse components. For instance, it includes the topic of a linguistic message, its objective content and genre, together with the common intellectual sphere that the content pertains to. It further involves the innumerable components either directly contained in, or indirectly associated with, the communicative situation, from which the participants form a general map of the situation for themselves. The map of communicative space is created in the speaker's mind out of a huge set of reminiscences that are interacting and blending into one another, activated by the given concrete situation. The listener's case is similar in that he/she is trying to interpret (reconstruct) the content of the message he/she receives and to shape his/her own linguistic behaviour appropriately to the given communicative situation.
  • Janusz Banczerowski, no address given, contact the journal editor
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