2010 | 7(10) | 33-48
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HOW TO TEACH QUANTITATIVE SUBJECTS AT UNIVERSITIES OF ECONOMICS IN A COMPREHENSIBLE AND PLEASANT WAY? (Jak uczyc ilosciowych przedmiotow na uczelniach ekonomicznych w zrozumialy i przyjemny sposob?)

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Nowadays in Poland: the level of pupils‘ and students‘ mathematical skills is constantly decreasing, students refer very seldom to manuals, because they are not able to understand their content, lecturers working at universities are not obliged to have a suitable pedagogical experience, the number of hours designed for mathematical subjects at universities of economics is smaller than it was in the previous decades, university authorities just recommend reducing requirements towards students in order not to loose too many of them at the end of the academic year. The rules mentioned in this article are devoted to help Polish lecturers working at universities of economics to teach economic quantitative subjects (e.g. Operations Research, Statistics, Econometrics, Forecasting and Simulation, Project Management) in a comprehensible and pleasant way. If they manage to fulfill these conditions: the atmosphere in class will be more pleasant, economic quantitative subjects will be better understood by the students, the listeners will be more interested in topics presented by the lecturer, grades will be higher.
  • Helena Gaspars-Wieloch Department of Operations Research, Poznan University of Economics, Al. Niepodleglosci 10, 61-875 Poznan
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