2009 | 58 | 67-78
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WORD FORMATIVE GRAMMATICALIZATION (Procesy gramatykalizacji w slowotwórstwie)

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In the paper the authoresses ask questions concerning how are the rules of the word formative level created. They focus on series of incidences, leaving out sporadic instances but also putting on the side the models inherited from earlier times as well as those borrowed from other languages (eg. -cja from Latin, -ing from English). Thereby a new value of the term grammaticalization is created - the interest of the authors concerns the mechanism of creation of new word formation rules, that is only word formative grammaticalization. Sources of new models can be found in: 1) the lexical level (the affixes -dziej, -wspol-, -teka, -man); 2) the inflectional level (paradigmatic derivation, adjectivization of participles, substantivization of adjectives); 3) the syntactic level (nie-, the postfix sie). The paper is illustrated mostly by Polish examples however the authors hope that the aforementioned word formative grammaticalization processes can easily be supplemented with examples from other Slavic languages.
  • Krystyna Kleszczowa, ROCZNIK SLAWISTYCZNY, Redakcja, ul. Pocztowa 9, 53-313 Wroclaw, Poland
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