2008 | 4 | 27-39
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MAIN DOMAINS OF THE aCTIVITY OF WOMEN IN THE LIGHT OF THEIR TRI-PARTITION CONVENTIONS IN 1905-1918 (Glówne plaszczyzny aktywnosci kobiet w swietle ich trójzaborowych zjazdów w latach 1905-1918)

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The years 1905-1918 comprise an important period in the history of the women's movement in Polish lands. In the changing situation this particular milieu was forced to take a stand vis a vis the essential problems of national, socio-economic and political life. National conventions, organised from 1905 to 1917, followed by meetings, were one of the symptoms of activity. They became a forum for cooperation and an exchange of views as well as for creating national ties and sanctioning heretofore trends of work. Moreover, they acted as a source of impulses for further activity. The programmes of the discussed conventions reflected the most relevant questions of the Polish feminist movement: the participation of women in educational activity, emancipation, and the struggle for independence. The conventions revealed the potential of the women's movement, fully prepared for conducting a struggle for the preservation of Polishness in terrains threatened with losing their national character. During the WW I and occupation they took an active part in pro-independence efforts and were capable of popularising the question of equal rights in assorted domains. In doing so, however, they did not manage to avoid conflicts and divisions.
  • Jaroslaw Cabaj, Akademia Podlaska, Instytut Historii, ul. 3 Maja 54, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland
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