2009 | 6 | 2(23) | 83-114
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'SWIETOCHOWSKI'S ETHICS. SEARCHING FOR THE FORM OF BEING (Swietochowski etykizujacy. W poszukiwaniu formuly obecnosci)

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The author is trying to read Aleksander Swietochowski's 'O powstawaniu praw moralnych' (1877; (On establishing moral laws) by 'establishing language of these laws'. Swietochowski's idea of language that describes and diagnoses ethical concepts and their functions in discourse is essential for understanding the mental capacities and relations between language and ethics. The language of ethics shows coherent explication of his philosophical view on the question of recognizing his own ethical turning point because Swietochowski in his papers tries to describe the space of human experience in the language. Swietochowski was aware that suspicions concerning the language can be transmitted to suspicions concerning the ethics. The article shows also why the author of 'Dumania pesymisty' (1876) - is under the influences of perspectivism of Nietzsche: there were both wanderers in a space of words and paradoxes of aphorisms.
  • Dawid M. Osinski, c/o Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydzial Polonistyki, ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa, Poland
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