2008 | 1(650) | 41-51
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SOMETHING DOES NOT FIT HERE? ON NEW USES OF THE VERB 'PASOWAC' (FIT) (Cos tu nie pasuje? O nowych uzyciach czasownika pasowac)

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The subject of the description in the article are constructions including forms of the verb 'PASOWAC' (fit) connected with an infinitive. Ability to connect with an infinitive is an innovation, still unrecognized in dictionaries, yet, quite numerous in contemporary Polish texts, especially on the internet. The aim of the research is to characterize inflectional and syntactic qualities of the unit 'PASOWAC', as well as to find out if its new uses can be interpreter as one of the units described in dictionaries, which developed its syntactic ability to connect or whether a new lexeme needs to be distinguished. Grammatical description is accompanied by remarks on the meaning of the unit. The analysis is conducted according to methods created by Polish structuralism. The research leads to the conclusion that, in contemporary Polish texts, one can identify occurrences of a form belonging to two verbal lexemes 'PASOWAC' followed by an infinitive. The first lexeme, marked as 'PASOWAC', is the proper verb, synonymous to the unit 'ODPOWIADAC' (suit), see: 'pasuje mi/odpowiada mi przyjsc o piatej' (it suits me fine to come at five). The infinitive following 'PASOWAC'. is a positional equivalent of a noun in the first declination case, i.e. receives the position of a sentence subject. The second lexeme, marked as 'PASOWAC', is an improper verb, and its meaning comes close to the meaning of the verbs 'NALEZEC, TRZEBA' (hale to, should). In the forms of the verb 'PASOWAC', the infinitive is equivalent to a clause with the connector 'zeby' (so that).
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  • Malgorzata Gebka-Wolak, Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika, Wydzial Filologiczny, Instytut Jezyka Polskiego, ul. Podmurna 74, 87-100 Torun, Poland
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