2008 | 6(655) | 54-62
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JARGON VOCABULARY OF THE MUSEUM OF WARSAW UPRISING STAFF (Slownictwo srodowiskowe pracowników Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego)

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Professional sociolect is a kind of environmental dialect, which 'functions in a social group because of its professional connections'. Sociolects occur in every society and are important determinants of in-group belonging. The Museum of Warsaw Uprising is a relatively new institution, thus the jargon of the staff has not fully developed, yet. The guides' nicknames derive from various sources in the institution. Most of them refer to physical or mental features; there are also names abbreviations, vague names, those associated with female names, allusive names and those derived from surnames. They are associated with events which took place at work and are understood only by a limited group of people - the staff of the museum, as opposed to the rest of people, who can not understand them. Their language is greatly determined by time factors, connected with language used during World War II and Warsaw Uprising. Neo-semantisms referring to that period are very frequent. There are also interesting neologisms in the vocabulary used at the museum. Phrasal expressions enrich the language in particular, while the phrases acquire an emotional-expressive aspect. Connected with the museum, they show how it functions and characterize activities done in the institution. The expressions include the verb 'miec' (to have) and concern the exposition, while the phrases refer to the building itself, or its rooms. The vocabulary is certainly going to develop in accordance to the institution and the area.
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  • Patrycja Ciesla, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydzial Polonistyki, Instytut Polonistyki Stosowanej, Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa, Poland
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