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2011 | 16-17 | 170-177

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MORTALITY, ACQUISITIVE PRESCRIPTION, INDIGENOUS. CRIPTOTEOLOGY AND CRIPTOANTHROPOLOGY INSIDE JOSÉ SARAMAGO'S NOVELS (Smiertelnosc, zasiedzenie, autochtonizm. Kryptoteologia i kryptoantropologia w powiesciach José Saramago)


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In this essay author thesis, that tradition of Judaism and Christian has built and assigned to man metaphysical status of the nomad. As the result, human condition has shown in these categories can not see paradigms which are connected with homestead, rooting, places for live, habitation. As a matter of fact, a place so far called 'homestead' creates only a place for stopover. Moreover 'homestead' seems to be a place for a moment or longer place of acquisitive prescription. Author has convinced, every sign of the homestead is an illusion and truth about human being's situation consists of consternation in the face of spaces immersed in the eternal silence. Perhaps, connection of human being with the idea of the homestead is a specific way of lying self and grow away from death consciousness. That is why, home can be a diaphragm of grave idea. As she confirms, José Saramago's creativity makes possibility for this specific reading, where are presented keys words such as: monotheistic legacy and cryptology constitutes a knowledge about human, but deduced from negative attributes of the God. Author makes a trial and proofs - if we start from point of Judaism and Christian tradition will turn out, that there was no homestead or rooting phenomenon, only illusion. Because the man lived somewhere only till the moment of special call for example as Abraham, who waited till God's call or lived somewhere till the moment of banishment. Homeliness, staying too long, living (or land, family and his father's house from biblical narrative) - all of these belong to the impurity order. There are many parables and stories in the José Saramago's creativity which describe this tragic dimension of the human being condition. It is not only dilemma about man, who became such a loner without right place for live nor outside neither inside, it shows also that every place which constitutes human being existence is a place as every rootedness - contaminated in the irreversible way.







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