2010 | 36 | 1 | 187-198
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Postrzeganie przez uczniów świata wartości ich nauczycieli jako integralny składnik wychowania do wartości w szkole

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Students’ Perception of their Teachers’ World of Values as an Integral Component of Education for Values in School
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Education for values is a profound process of introducing human beings into the right issues of evaluation, developing in them proper attitudes to values, and having on them an educational impact consistent with the values both felt and recognized. Such a model of education should be a product of both parental family and school endeavors. In the case of family education the person in charge is the parent, whereas in school education it is the teacher, who, through his/her wisdom and educational competence, should become a guide for students in the complex word of dichotomously located values. Educational practice, however, shows that scholarly postulates and proofs of various, even the best, theoretical solutions differ from living examples of teachers' activity, also in terms of school education for values. Teachers do not necessarily prove to be professional in their work and determination and, to follow Kazimierz Szewczyk's reasoning, they are not always, in the axiological sense, 'wise people'. Therefore, in the present study, the effect of teachers' work and function in the process of education for values is considered from the angle of international comparative research conducted in this respect. Within the framework of his own ongoing study, the author therefore tends to present a diagnostic description and explanation of students' image of their teachers' world of values. This image is in fact an important component of in-school education for values and becomes a means in teachers' work organization in this process. It also represents an extremely important factor in determining the effectiveness of this work in education for values in general.
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