2011 | 94 | 3 | 248-265
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ENVIRONMENT AND INTERNATIONAL LAW (WITH REGARDS NAMELY ON THE ENVIRONMENT OF GLOBALISATION) (Prostredie a medzinarodne pravo (so zameranim najma na prostredie globalizacie))

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The issue of law and the environment and its change are conditioned by several factors, such as ideology, the impact of the global political system, geopolitics and internal system of states. It is difficult to categorize effects and the importance of individual factors. The system of international law in theory is understood differently. Also in the area of globalisation we live in. This idea was stressed also by International Law Commission of UN. In its report from 2006 named Fragmentation, diversification and extension of the international law and in this report are stressed difficulties rising of this process with regards to globalisation. It is stressed problems arising from the new branches of international law conditioned by development of science and technology, the new problems connected with globalisation etc. This article devoted also the problem of division of international law stressing so call self-contained branches, principles of interpretation of elementary principles of international law. Prediction of its development is difficult. These principles should perhaps add the principle of the right to live in peace and the principle of respect for human rights for all. International law in our view should change into the world law. It may be largely changing in the world in two ways: 1. as the law of mankind, the earth to any existing civilizations on other celestial bodies and their laws. This reasoning is theoretical, hypothetical. 2. The concept of international law, global law would be more consistent with realities.
  • Prof. JUDr. Jan Azud, DrSc., Ustav statu a prava SAV, Klemensova 19, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
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