2009 | 56 | 3 | 183-187
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'THE MOST FORBEARING OF THE CRITICS' - THE CRITIC OF MEASURE: SKETCH (VLADIMIR PETRIK: LOOKING FOR THE PRESENT TIME) ('Najzhovievavejsi z kritikov' - kritik miery: crta (Vladimir Petrik: Hladanie pritomneho casu))

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The study is dedicated to the first literary critical book by Vladmir Petrik, an edition of the selected studies and reviews 'Hladanie pritomneho casu' (Looking For the Present Time, 1970). It is an attempt to depict the characteristic elements of Petrik´s critical gesture through several stated criteria. His literary critical domain was a fiction, and not only that one with primary aesthetic ambitions. He kept understanding for social function of literature, he dealt with non fiction, too, and also with science fiction, criminal stories etc. His approach was (and also is) receptive; he is a type of critic, who is sensitive for a reader. In the horizon of his thinking he always pays attention to the process of development in literature. The studies of the history of literature are an integral part of his book. They are aimed at peripety of Slovak literature after 1945. His reflection of the fiction is dateless. He was not a type of a generational critic; he had no ambition to make 'directions' for an actual literature. His approach was always quite naive and it helped him to see things from the top and even a little farther away than his contemporaries did overwhelmed by the situation. The negative experience from the first half of the 50s determined his way of seeing things. It was a period of extremes. For several years the substance of critical function disappeared (both fine literature and critique became instruments of propaganda) as well as 'measure of things' (not only in arts). Later Vladimir Petrik applied it in fullness in his literary critical works and works on the history of literature.
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  • Vladimir Barborik, Ustav slovenskej literatury SAV, Konventna 13, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic;
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