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2009 | 44 | 89-110

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FUNCTIONING OF FLORAL AND ANIMAL PATTERNS IN EVERYDAY FAMILY DICTIONARY OF INHABITANTS OF FORMER PRINCIPALITY OF LOWICZ (Funkcjonowanie motywów roslinnych i zwierzecych w codziennym slowniku rodzinnym mieszkanców dawnego Ksiestwa Lowickiego)


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The goal of the following work is to show variety, metaphorical nature and multifunctionality of the world of nature in the language native to 'Ksiezacy'. The analysis concerns vocabulary connected with plants and animals that is used presently in a 'home' dictionary of the Region of Lowicz.A family language is understood in the same way as it was presented by Kwiryna Handke in her monography 'Polish Family Language' (Polski jezyk familijny, Warszawa 1995). As a result of direct observation of family circles as well as analysis of lingual data gathered during local exploration conducted in years 2005-2008, it has been observed that in a home language lots of expressions including floral and animal elements in their structure are present. Such words are used to great extend by a significant number of society of Lowicz in so-called live speech. This situation is a result of a fact that in a rural environment animals and plants are an inherent element of reality surrounding a human. Observations of behaviour, growth, external characteristics (especially in case of crops or plants grown around a house or domestic animals on a farm) incline a person to determine similarities between the world of the nature and humans. Numerous epithets, abuses, comparisons, proverbs, sayings as well as superstitions are a result of such observations. To define designatum, the inhabitants of the region of Lowicz first of all pay attention to these features of plants and animals, which are visible and well displayed (in the world of plants: smell, shape, colour or sharpeness, stickiness, clinginess and healing properties, and in the world of animals: temper, preferences, smartness, size, sounds produced).






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  • Beata Krokocka, Instytut Slawistyki PAN, ul. Bartoszewicza 1b/17, 00-337 Warszawa, Poland


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