2010 | 1(14) | 83-108
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STANISLAW WARSZYCKI AND HIS ROLE IN THE KING MICHAL KORYBUT WISNIOWIECKI'S PARTY (Rola Stanislawa Warszyckiego w stronnictwie krola Michala Korybuta Wisniowieckiego)

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Despite the fact that the castellan of Cracow Stanislaw Warszycki held strong views, served as senator, lived in affluence, had considerable standing, and last but not least could influence state's policy, he usually did not take an active part in public life. The most active and busy period of castellan's political career coincided with Michal Korybut's governs. Beginning from the election he took sides with a new king because of ideological reasons and not private ones (i.e. his widespread connections with Wisniowiecki family, his fight against personal enemies in opposition). As a well-known supporter of Golden Liberty and an ardent opponent of Pro-French Party he easily found his place in rivalry between the noblemen and half-French magnates. He did not serve as one of king's confidantes; however he was his important supporter, as he could neutralize the influences of opposition in the Cracovian Voivodship. He took active part in propaganda campaigns of court party. He solicited for support of nobility for the court and was one of those who demonstrated public feelings, i.e. in 1670 he organized levy in mass, two years later he encouraged to found the confederacy of Golab. Despite the fact that he originated from the radical faction of king's party, he was realistic about the situation and advised to come to agreement with one of the most important malcontents - the hetman Jan Sobieski. In contrary to the majority of the magnates, who changed their minds depending on the current political situation, he was constant in his views as king's adherent, even if king's decisions were colliding with his opinions.
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  • Joanna Matyasik, Dzial zbiorow specjalnych, Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Dra Witolda Belzy, ul. Dluga 39, 85-034 Bydgoszcz, Poland
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