2010 | 2 (19) | 3 | 49-62
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MIRCEA ELIADE AND THE WAY FROM THE MYTH TO THE NOVEL (Mircea Eliade a cesta od mytu k romanu)

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The study introduces the myth and its function in Eliade's literary method in the context of his religionist conception of the function of the myth. The study is therefore conceptualized within a wider context to emphasize the mutual relationship between Eliade's scholarly and creative work. In studying traditional archaic societies and cultures Eliade came to define archaic ontology as a process of historical repetition of mythical archetypes, which reflects the relationship between the sacred and the profane. After researching the archaic society, Eliade concentrates on the modern society, characterized by relativism and general desacralization. Eliade's solution is a return to the sources, the myth, which contains the universal code that can be applied to the modern man. In his literary work, Eliade shows this especially in his novel La foret interdite and in the short stories written after World War II, which are constructed on the basis of well-known, partly modified myths to with they add a signifying dimension. Eliade thus shows that written literature does not destroy myths, but, on the contrary, can creatively prolong their life.
  • PhDr. Jana Palenikova, CSc., Katedra romanistiky, Filozoficka fakulta Univerzity Komenskeho, Gondova 2, 818 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
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