2009 | 1(330) | 61-82
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GLOBALIZATION AS A MAIN FACTOR OF THE EVOLUTION OF THE CONTEMPORARY INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM (Globalizacja jako glówny czynnik ewolucji wspólczesnego systemu miedzynarodowego)

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:Globalization is the basic law of development and change of the contemporary international system, giving it a new dimension and intensifying hitherto processes of the evolution of international relations. What is especially significant is the impact of globalization on state and non-state participants of the international system. This impact is ambiguous: it can strengthen some subjects and weaken others sometimes even to the point of undermining the sense of their existence. We can also see a growing impact of globalization processes on the structure of the international system. The formal legal stratum of international order is gradually disintegrating due to a relativization of the common principles of international relations on which it has so far been founded. Also the vertical dimension of the contemporary international system is evolving towards further verticalization of its structure. This is accompanied by the emergence of a new quality in international relations in the form of global problems, i.e. problems which on account of globalization assume a worldwide dimension.
  • Katarzyna Zodz-Kuznia, Instytut Zachodni, Instytut Naukowo-Badawczy, ul. Mostowa 27, 61-854 Poznan, Poland
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