2010 | 2(140) | 105-121
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COACHING IN THE CREATION OF PRO-SOCIAL EFFICIENCY (Coaching w kreowaniu prospolecznej efektywnosci)

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Globalization actuates social change with the result that in contemporary organizations, alongside classical methods of creating pro-social efficiency - i.e. management, direction and instruction - an increasingly significant role is being played by methods based on partnership relations and recognised competence, for instance counciling, consulting, mentoring and coaching. In this article the process of coaching is presented as an instrument of transforming influences, relations and structures present in task-orientated teams, as pro-social attributes of the team's actions - i.e. synergistic effects. Among the pro-social mechanisms that regulate the functioning of task -oriented teams, specific influences, relations and structures may be identified as potentially exercising either a positive or a negative influence on the efficiency of the team as a whole. The process of coaching makes use of actions that result in the transformation of influences and relations into effects; in other words, states and events favourably evaluated with respect to efficiency. Within a longer timeframe the process of coaching results in the structuralization of influences and relations, consequently increasing the significance of synergy for the efficiency of teams. This results in the arisal, within the context of the team, of a relatively stable social or organizational microstructure, constituting new quality in an ontological sense. Subjects making up the team lose their subjectivity as part of this microstructure.
  • Ryszard Panfil, Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego we Wroclawiu, Katedra Zarzadzania i Coachingu, al. Ignacego J. Paderewskiego 35, 51-612 Wroclaw, Poland
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