2009 | 18 | 273-286
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The purpose of this paper is to explore headlines in general, first regarded as texts, and specifically headlines in Macedonia newspapers from a stylistic aspect. As far as the consideration of headlines as texts is concerned, the major criteria of textuality are taken in view; namely: intentionality, acceptability, situationality, informativity and intertextuality. All of these criteria can be applicable when analysing headlines, specially informativity, since one main characteristic of publicistic style, or better said- the journalist substyle, is to be as much informative as possible, but in the case of headlines there is a tendency to accomplish that by being concise. When it comes to cohesion, there is not much possibility to take in regard this criteria except for ambiguity, which may be a useful strategy in the creation of headlines since it might be used to provoke the reading public, rather then to inform. This is particularly the case with headlines formulated as questions. As for the linguistic features of the headings in Macedonian press, we may conclude that there is a tendency to write headlines by omiting the verb in the predicates consisting of adjective and/ or noun+verb. In most of the cases this is done with the intention to write a short headline, by conserving its informativity at the same time. In regard to the vocabulary used in headings, it should be pointed out that Turkish lexems which are part of Macedonian vocabulary and lexems from the coloquial style are frequent in headlines and are mostly used with the intention to accomplish expressiveness of the language. In the context of creativity in headings, it is to be noted that tropes are frequently used in headlines, such as: comparison, metonymy, oxymoron etc. The inventivness of the journalist is important and comes to light in the ability to use tropes, but at the same time having in mind the informativity and intentionality as principles in journalistic style. Headlines are to be considered as a journalistic form which offers space for creativity. The art of writing creative headlines is always interesting to study since journalistic style is by its nature current, provocative and inventive.
  • Aleksandra Gjurkova, Makedonska akademija na naukite i umetnostite Skopje, Republika Makedonija
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