2009 | 95 | 3 | 365-380
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Přehled historického vývoje česko-makedonských vztahů

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The author's intention is to present a compendious overview of the Czech-Macedonian relations since the epochal religious and cultural mission of Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius, brothers from the Byzantine city of Salonica in Macedonia, to the Great Moravia in the 9th century. There had been in a long break in the interaction between the Czech Lands and the territory of Macedonia until the 19th century, when Czech pioneers of Slavonic studies took an interest in ancient literary texts related to the life and work of the Slavonic apostles. Later in the course of the century, Czech intellectuals admired and translated folk literature of Macedonian Slavs. The Macedonian Question was abundantly reflected in the Czech press and widely debated at the turn of the 20th century. The Czech public also paid a great attention to the affairs related to Macedonia during the Balkan Wars and in the interwar period when there was a Czechoslovak consulate established in the city of Skopje. Foundations of Macedonian studies in Czechoslovakia and Czech studies in Macedonia were laid in the post-WWII period. This was the time when Macedonians were recognized as a new South Slavonic nation with its own statehood, language and culture. At the turn of the 1950s Czechoslovakia served as a final destination of thousands of ethnic Macedonian refugees from Greece torn by the civil war. Czech-Macedonian relations took on a new course after the establishment of independent Czech and Macedonian states at the beginning of the 1990s. They have become much more intensive, particularly in the field of culture and scholarship. Czechia and Macedonia have also considerably strengthened their mutual political and economic ties, particularly in the past decade. The paper is written in a concise form and it is footnoted with relevant literature published in Czech and Macedonian languages. Therefore, it could serve as a handy introduction to the study of the Czech-Croatian relations, particularly useful for students of the South Slavonic history and philology.
  • P. Stehlik, Filozoficka fakulta Masarykovy univerzity, Arna Novaka 1, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
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