2011 | 14 | 3(52) | 7-21
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DANCE MACABRE WITH LECH KACZYNSKI. LOOKING THROUGH THE LENCE OF MIMETIC THEORY OF RENE GIRARD (Dance macabre z Lechem Kaczynskim. Patrzac przez pryzmat mimetycznej teorii Rene Girarda)

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After Rywin affair, which was a manifestation of the existence of post-colonial system, created by a network of anty-development interest groups (ADIG), the main opposition parties, Civic Platform and Law and Justice promised to reform the state and public life. In the elections of 2005 they stood opposite each other. The Civic Platform and its leader lost the dual encounter and, wanting to stand out from the Law and Justice, taking the rhetoric of ADIG forces, stood in the role of the status quo defenders. Media attack of forces representing ADIG led to the production of unprecedented socio-political crisis and mobilization of a large part of society against the Law and Justice and Lech Kaczynski. Kaczynski brothers became the major public enemies, they were said to be guilty of creating the whole crisis, and were designated for scapegoats. This article answers the question, what mechanism is behind the annihilation process of L. Kaczynski's camp. The Author, while answering to the research problem, used the mimetic theory of French anthropologist- Rene Girard. After discussing its main assumptions, he looks at the main person of this drama and analyzes expression of his opponents, looking for four mimetic stereotypes (non-diversed crisis, non-diversed crime, sacrificial selection and violence) in the sphere of praxis. All the stereotypes have been widely discussed and exampled with a rich collection of quotations. Finally, the Author looks at the phenomenon of palikotism, which is a special kind of political aggression.
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