2007 | 31 | 149-160
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Vocabulary of the northern borderlands in the first half of the 19th century (based on 'Poradnik Gospodarstwa Domowego' (household handbook) from 1837)

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The basis for this paper was 'Spizarnia wiejska obywatelska, czyli praktyczne przepisy porzadnego i nalezytego, tak utrzymania, jako i urzadzenia spizarni ...' (Citizen's country store room, or practical advices on appropriate maintenance and furnishment of a store room...), a small handbook on maintaining the household, storing the farm produces, as well as on preparation and storage of preserves, written by J. Dabkiewicz and published in Vilnius in 1838. At the end of the book there are two dictionary-enclosures - 'Slowniczek miar i wag' (Vocabulary of weights and measures) and 'Slownik trudniejszych wyrazow, ktore wyszly juz z uzycia'. (Vocabulary of difficult words that have become extinct). These dictionaries were probably compiled during the preparation of a reprint of the book. The second enclosure is particularly interesting. It was analyzed, mainly in terms of the presence of the mentioned words in the modern vocabulary (precisely speaking vocabulary of the second half of the 20th century) and the dialectal vocabulary from outside the borderlands. Some of the words, qualified as extinct, are still in use in dialectal speech in Podlassia and northern Mazovia, preserving the original meaning or introducing minor changes. Other words are mentioned in earlier dialectal studies or in dictionaries of general Polish, without a qualifier or qualified as 'obsolete'. Only a few of the words mentioned in the 'Slownik' are qualified as stemming from borderlands (some of them are borrowings from the Russian language). The guiding idea of this study is presenting the direct linguistic relationship of the former north-easter Borderlands with the Polish language, including dialects of Podlassia and north-eastern Mazovia.
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  • I. Maryniakowa, Instytut Slawistyki PAN, ul. Bartoszewicza 1B m. 17, 00-337 Warszawa, Poland
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