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2011 | 16-17 | 31-44

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'FALL INTO THE RETURN OF DOMESTICATION IN THE WORLD'. ABOUT ROMANTICISM PHILOSOPHY AS THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE WAY OF LIFE (Critique References into Friedrich Nietzsche's Theory) ('Na powrot zadomowic sie w swiecie'. O romantyzmie jako filozofii sztuki

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'Fall into the Return of Domestication in the World'. About Romanticism Philosophy as the Philosophy of the Way of Life (Critique References into Friedrich Nietzsche's Theory) In this dispute, author defends romanticism era against perception, which is focus on inclination to irrational forms of being and also different kind of forms, which are connected with mythic, contra-realistic and escapist way of thinking. Moreover, in the main these, he is going to engage in polemics with Friedrich Nietzsche's criticism of romanticism era, who proposes this stream into the western reduction with historical and philosophical ( romanticism as 'impoverishment life', despair mood, pessimism, decadence) aspect. Author makes a trial, in which he uses philosophers such as Schlegel and Novalis, who are main representatives of German romanticism era. In the next volume, essay shows a trial, that it is possible treat romanticism not only as speculative philosophy, but also philosophy, which creates 'philosophy of the way of life', even more - philosophy of the art's life in the world where is no wizardry. It can let to see some kind of project, which is found as a existential project. That is why in the next analyze it is possible to see, that beyond many aims of this project, one is meaningful: cast a spell on the world, in a way, in which human being once again could feels like home, feels like homeland. Author has convinced, through the romanticism's creators, there can find a lot of ways, which will cross Nietzsche. On the other hand, when we talk about Novalis and Schlegel, there is noticeable care of constructive individualism, which is a reference in to the whole existence. This consideration - author has suggested - shows, that romanticists has tried to find a solution, in which they has chose interpretation space at first. Novalis and Schlegel's creativity, there are many strategies, but mainly - these are - romanticism and mythology influential process, especially concentrates on the world aspect. Moreover, when they talk about the world aspect, they use specific irony, magnify the world by special power and show, that world is blessed by 'love touch', what is very important, because then, it is possible to feel likes home once again.






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  • dr Wojciech Kruszelnicki, Instytut Kulturoznastwa Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego, ul Szewska 50/51, 50-139 Wroclaw, Poland


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