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2004 | 7 | 151-189

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Forum: Paid work – between coercion and chances for promotion

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The last census confirms that the wide understood problems of work are still important in the Polish society. It is still workers' society, and work took a new meaning despite smaller number of persons who 'make a living from work'. On one hand work became more desirable and difficult to access. On the other it has now new and more attractive glitters. First of all it is a result of high level of unemployment for a longer time and what is particularly essential it concerns more and more often persons with adequate qualifications and graduates of higher levels of education. At the same time, new jobs with high wages, career prospects and other bonuses emerged. Thus workaholism, known in richer countries, develops rapidly in Poland. Under the pressure of economic situation and employers the process of labor market deregulation proceeds as well as the new forms of employment develop. Under influence of deregulation labor market becomes more flexible and its new diversification follows. The level of safety of work and certainty of employment drops quickly. These, among others, processes caused new segmentation of work in many dimensions. Private sector, internally very diversified, is the predominant segment. It is a universal phenomenon. Important and interesting questions and dilemmas arise. The first one concerns work prospects under globalization and technological shocks, simultaneously with cheap labor force supply. The second one concerns choices in postindustrial or postmodern societies between unemployment civilization and work sharing. The third one is a dilemma of leveling opportunities and attractiveness between traditional employment status and flexible labor market. The next question concerns professionals with high qualifications. What should and can be the work offer for them. Maybe they need new version of participation with higher chances for self-actualization. The last and especially important question concerns the possibilities of limiting the impact of two types of enslavement or subordination: pressures caused by unemployment and by overwhelming consumptionism.






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  • L. Gilejko, Katedra Socjologii Ekonomicznej, Szkola Glowna Handlowa, ul. Wisniowa 41, 02-520 Warszawa, Poland


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