2005 | 17 | 95-117
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Islamic Fundamentalism in the Cultural and Customary Sphere of Foreign Policy of Iran

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The author writes about the hottest topic of our times, the so called question of Islamic Fundamentalism in Iran. He makes an attempt at describing its social and traditional context, as well as presents Iran's political identity and its influence on evolution of its foreign policy in last decades. He focuses on social changes, which have caused unprecedented support for dominating religious-political-social doctrine and civic culture showing lack of acceptance of other commonly acknowledged patterns.Taking into consideration complexity, multifaceted and actuality of Islamic Fundamentalism after the 1979 revolution in Iran, which resulted in creation of theocratic policy in this country and influenced to large an extend similar ideologies in the neighboring countries, one has to underline that this tendency (stream), although often used as an ideological basis for contemporary religious terrorism, is one of the most important conflict creating factors, which ultimately creates the threat for regional and global security. The article brings attention to those aspects of Islamic Fundamentalism, which are common for majority of its fractions (e.g. 'the holy war' with the Western civilization). The author gives Iranian examples of the impact of such ideology on everyday behavior and life patterns. He shows evolution of social position of Iranian society - from spontaneous affirmation of orthodox religious behavior in the time of revolution to the growing diversification of puritan Shiite clergy to differentiated expectations of some fragments of the society, the youth among others. One of very important issues raised by the author is Iranian foreign policy, torn between support of terrorist organizations and reform tendencies supported by those circles in the government of Iran, which want better relation with foreign nations, improvement of economy and growth of the political position in the region.
  • S. Kosmynka, Uniwersytet Lódzki, ul. Rewolucji 1905r. 41/43, 90-214 Lódz, Poland
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