2009 | 10 | 159-172
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POLISH VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY AS NEW FORM OF ACCESS TO EDUCATION FOR EMIGRANTS (Polski Uniwersytet Wirtualny jako nowa forma dostepu do ksztalcenia dla emigrantów)

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The article aims to present the current experience in the field of long distance learning in Poland, using as an example one of the country's largest institutions - Polish Virtual University (PUW). The other aim was to prove the thesis that for emigrants long distance learning can be beneficial and sometimes the only way to learn. The article is based on data obtained from the Polish Virtual University and the literature on Polish emigrants, as well as on the authoress' own observations and experience as an e-learning teacher. The paper presents long distance learning as a form of education that enables high quality learning and grants access to proper knowledge at the right place and the right time. The authoress discusses the rules and objectives of long distance learning at the Polish Virtual University, presents its educational supplies, and points to the recipients of this form of education, with special emphasis placed on emigrants as an exceptional learning group. The teachers' roles in an e-learning process were also emphasized out of regard for the tasks they have to perform at the web platform. Finally, the paper includes the analysis of conditions necessary for long distance learning to remain on equal terms with academic education in terms of quality. When characterizing the émigré community she, in addition to her own experience and the data from the PUW, refers to the general studies on the subject. On the basis of the PUW's data the paper provides some information about a group of emigrant learners e.g. where they come from, which fields of studies and specializations they choose, what are the reasons they opted for e-learning. The conclusions include characteristics of the emigrant students who partake in e-learning, along with the motives for their pursuing long distance education and the specificity of their education.
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  • Elzbieta Woznicka, Wyzsza Szkola Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi, ul. Rewolucji 1905r. nr.64, 90-222 Lodz, Poland
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