2011 | 3(340) | 90-109
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THE EUROPEAN UNION AS A CIVIL POWER AND THE SECURITY STRATEGIES OF MEMBER STATES (Unia Europejska jako mocarstwo cywilne a strategie bezpieczenstwa panstw czlonkowskich)

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European Security and Defence Policy is one of the sectors of the EU's activity on the international arena and therefore one of several aspects of the process of shaping the EU's international role as a civil power, understood as a combination of hard and soft power. The goal of this article is to explain to what extent particular national security policies hamper the EU in playing the role of a civil power on the international arena. There is an obvious dissonance between the civil profile of EU's activity (with its stress on persuasion and propagation of liberal norms and expansion of multilateral cooperation) and the preferred national security strategies and practical operations of its member states (solutions that safeguard the authority of the national state, i.e. serve the maintenance national sovereignty and realization of national interests). The strategic documents of Great Britain, France and to a large extent also Germany reveal a discrepancy between adherence to a security policy understood as an attribute of national sovereignty and certain elements of their national doctrines that show the importance of the so called soft power in addressing extramilitary aspects of security realized within the framework of the EU. Despite declarations of allied cooperation, renationalizing tendencies in the security policies of the three powers within the EU become more or less conspicuous (e.g. a closer bilateral military cooperation between France and Great Britain) hindering the creation of a European strategic culture of a civil-military profile.
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  • Krzysztof Malinowski, Instytut Zachodni, Instytut Naukowo-Badawczy, 61-854 Poznan, ul. Mostowa 27, Poland
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