2009 | 1(18) | 3 | 42-58
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TRANSLATION FROM A COGNATE LANGUAGE. ON SOME ASPECTS OF RUFUS' TRANSLATIONS OF CZECH POETRY (Preklad z blizkeho jazyka (k niektorym aspektom Rufusovych prekladov ceskej poezie))

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Employing various perspectives, the author sheds light on some technical terms like transcription, translation and poetical translation which are current in Slovak translatological discourse of the past decades and pays attention to some of the cultural and political aspects of translation of Czech literature into Slovak in the 1970s and 1980s. Building on the translatological research into Rufus' translation method, he focuses on the poetics of Milan Rufus' translations (1928-2008), especially on his translations of the poems of an important Czech poet Frantisek Hrubin (1910-1971). The detailed analysis and the comparison of the original with the translation shows that a translation from a cognate language is not unproblematic even for big and original poets like Jan Kostra or Milan Rufus. The author draws on Marian Andricik's thesis about the 'dual domicile' of the poet and of the translator methodologically and he comes to the conclusion that the previous translatological analyses of the so-called updated translations of Czech poetry into Slovak (these are translations by Jan Kostra, Vojtech Mihalik, Milan Rufus and others) often bypassed the problem of semantic and syntactic shifts in translation and by emphatic statements about congeniality, about translation as an act of identification they rather obscured the core of the problem. In other words, the author of the present study points out the need of an objective view of the whole complex of questions related to the problem of translation of Czech poetry into Slovak in the second half of the last century.
  • Milan Zitny, Ustav svetovej literatury SAV, Konventna 13, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
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