2011 | 16-17 | 153-161
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SCANDINAVIA - HOMESTEAD DESIGN. INSPIRATION OF WATER IN THE UTILITARIAN CONTEMPORARY ART IN THE NORDIC COUNTRIES (Skandynawia - domostwo design. Inspiracje woda we wspolczesnej sztuce uzytkowej krajow nordyckich)

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The Essay is a consideration about design culture and design art in the Nordic countries. Author has used a very special quotation of famous Finnish writer - Johanna Sinisalo, as she wrote - there are many characteristic elements, which define Finnish culture, but the most important constitutes a nature. Every Finnish man seems to be connected with nature in particular and personal way. In Finland, culture and nature do not fight with themselves, moreover - they are not mutually exclusive. Actually, culture and nature come between themselves through their territories, pervades and make an influential stress each other. Author has noticed, the best constitute proof of existence of symbiosis between culture and nature in Finland is design, which is descended from this recess of the world - Scandinavian design. She explains this special reference in title, which shows homestead as birthplace in the meaning of origin. This dispute shows, Scandinavian design has developed very well and paradoxically, it negates opinion about issue, that this world area has confined oneself to glorious past of three postwar decades, when created the most famous and known projects. Author has convinced, that it is possible to treat home not only as micro-space, but also as metaphor of activity and state of the spirit, also in the practice meaning - utterly applied, but with artistic concealed. That is a reason, why it constitutes home as a place, in which everyday life is covered with art, and artistic craftsmanship becomes specific image or label of well-known designers, which marks their creativity behind their objects (pieces of art). That is why, homesteads become the art gallery. These art galleries are not only a place with collected masterpieces, these places create possibility for space, in which even sponge has taken by surprise form and idea. Author confirms, there is nothing strange, that projects are intended for home. In Finland, design functioned and has functioned not only in the aesthetic or utilitarian meaning, but constitute one of the constructing elements of nation identity. As author has convinced, beyond any diagnosis, it is possible say with noticeable Elizabeth Gaynor's opinion - Finland is a shy beauty, not shining fairness. Everything seems to have its own place in this surroundings including the man. Finnish artists derive main inspiration source from nature.
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  • Martyna Markowska, Department of Comparative Literature, Helsingin yliopisto, PL 33 (Yliopistonkatu 4), 00014 Helsinki, Finland
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