2010 | 2 | 90-102
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SOCIALIZATION OF THE INNOVATION-DRIVEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AS A RESEARCH SUBJECT (Sotsializatsiya innovatsiynoho rozvytku ekonomiky yak obiyekt naukovoho doslidzhennya)

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Because the contemporary economy is treated as the innovation-based one, studies devoted to socialization of the innovation-driven economic development can be regarded as a separate research field. A review of interpretations of socialization by scientists, interpretations found in humanities (sociology, pedagogy, psychology) and economics (human-focused conception, theory of social market economy, interpretation given by ethical economy, contributions by ideologists of institutionalism) is given, followed by a review of its interpretations found in the Ukrainian economic literature, which are mainly interpretations of socialization of the economy, including propositions to distinguish between socialization of economic relations (socialization of production conditions), functional socialization (socialization of distribution of production output) and socialization of work, as well as the idea to distinguish socialization of science. Regarding socialization of innovation activities, the conception of French sociologist G. Tarde is discussed. It's true that socialization is considered by him from the perspective of sociology. Therefore, innovation is regarded by him as an exogenous factor of individuals' socialization or an internal source of development for an inventor. However, problems related with outlining the role of science & technology activities in socialization of the economy are still out of research focus of contemporary economists, being studied only by sociologists and social economists in Russia, in the frame of a new science discipline, sociology of innovatics.
  • Iryna V.Yaschishina, Tsentr doslidzhen’ naukovo-tekhnichnogo potentsialu ta istorii nauky imeni G.M. Dobrova NAN Ukrainy, bulvar Tarasa Shevchenka, 60, 01032, Kyiv-32, Ukraine.
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