2005 | 34 | 2-21
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History and Sociology: One or Two Disciplines?

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At the beginning of the article authors characterize human scientific knowledge in a 'world perspective', which follows common rules of the interplay of the truth. In such a sense the scientific knowledge is defined as 'unity in diversity' and it creates multiple versions and variants of that play. This is a decisive factor which defines diversification of 'scientific societies' into different groups of competence. These groups are defined by their: a) research programs, b) subject field of studies, c) communication network between participants of differentiated microcosms of knowledge. 'Unity in diversity' in knowledge is a separate phenomenon from its departamentalization. The last one assigns competences to the guilds of disciplines. In the second part of the article the authors present a project of the 'History-Sociology' as a new social science. It results from the fact that historians and sociologists are joined together by sharing different aspects of their studies. These aspects are: a) problems of research, b) vocabulary used in analyses, interpretations, presentations and argumentations, c) subject of research, d) cognitive interests and tendencies. This results from the fact that both a historian and a sociologist do research in holistic, structural, functional manners. They pay attention to the idiomatic aspects of reality and they look for homogeneity thanks to the diachronic and synchronistic comparisons. In the third part of the paper the 'History-Sociology' is presented as a matrix discipline and a behavioral one (in the last case it analyses the feedback of Popperian world I and world II as well as world III and world I). The authors consider sociology of problems as historical sociology and non antiquarian history as a social science history by nature. Despite the difference between 'historians' history' and sociology there are so many common aspects of the subject and method of analysis in the work of a historian and sociologist that they justify the project of 'History-Sociology' as separate discipline.
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