2005 | 8 | 77-96
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In Search of a 'different way'

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In search of different way (don't confuse with Giddens' third way) of development and making good society author refers to Muslim and Confucian values of East, economic inequalities (the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer), and democratization process. Cultural differences between East and West consist among other things in stressing on value of community and social obligations or on value of individual freedom and rights. All questions about social order have to refer to tensions between these points of view. What we need is new normative system which resolves this tension in a new and better way in contrast to eastern authoritarianism or western individualism. Etzioni's communitarianism is a good starting point to consideration of possibilities which are still open contrary to Fukuyama's end of history hypothesis. The main obstacles to new better world are economic growth with economic inequalities and other side effects, lack of efficient and effective social arrangements and low level of social capital. The author shows many indicators from global development reports (World Bank, UNDP) and other sources to prove hypothesis of deepening economic inequalities in global scale and in Polish society. He regards this trends as unjust and rejects them on moral grounds. The last part of article considers different strategies of democratization in a bitterly divided world.
  • T. Kowalak, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Instytut Polityki Spolecznej, ul. Nowy Swiat 69, 00-046 Warszawa, Poland
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