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2007 | 54 | 2 | 104-114

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The author in the study demasks false analogy of a genre of new novel with a mathematical creating process as it was proposed by some theoreticians. New novel according to the theoretical assumptions of the representatives of the theory replaces a function of copying reality by a function of constructing autonomous system of the denotations and that way it is similar to the mathematical creative work. Mathematical deduction consists of basic set of the elements and their transformations (operators). In the novel of Robbe-Grillet 'Dom schodzok' (The House of Meetings) there is no relationship between the elements and operators in the sense of explicit correlation: nuclear scenes belong to the elements and among operators there is a rule of connecting single events into phases having a character of a snipe. Vertical operator is a rule of connecting the sets of events in a way so that what differs in reality from one another by the categorical levels in a novel can co-exist. The antinomic effects are results of it as the versions of events stand side by side one another even in contradiction. However, this construction is not an equivalent to autonomy of a mathematical construction: relationships that in the mathematics can connect a set of the denotation elements with a set of the operators never exist by chance. But the Robbe-Grillet's operators as well as the places of their application to 'a story' could be radically exchanged and that way a new text can be created not different from the text of 'Dom schodzok' as far as it is equipped by analogical entropy because the systems with an analogical degree of disorderliness are informationally equivalent. As a sense of the operators cannot be defined by connection to a sense of the events, the semantic integration of a text must be replaced by formal integration. However, reader cannot resign on the reference of the designations to the fragments of reality. In consequence of it, breaking the course of the work with 'informing' tradition seems to be a postulate not a result. If a text includes a structure that can refer as a model to the phenomena outside of the work that means that the structure works as an element contains denotation that is not empty. In that case the work is a communicator (creates a message). The more original operators are the more stereotype must be a foundational set of the scenes on which the operators are applicable.








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  • S. Lem, Ustav slovenskej literatury SAV, Konventna 13, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


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