2011 | 10 | 3(58) | 139-153
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THE SIGNIFICANCE OF RELIGION IN THE LIFE OF A FAMILY WITH A HANDICAPPED PERSON (Znaczenie religii w zyciu rodziny z osoba niepelnosprawna)

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Faith in God plays an extraordinarily significant role in the life of handicapped persons and of their guardians. Most respondents treat faith as a support and a source of strength for resolving problems posed by everyday life. The more difficult the living situation caused by the level of the disability, the deeper the trust in God and giving oneself up to Him is. Every third subject of the study indicated that without faith he/she cannot imagine his/her life, and nearly every fifth respondent is convinced that owing to faith the miracle of healing and return to a complete ability may happen. The Holy Mass is a profound religious experience for most of the respondents, giving them consolidation in their difficult living situation. Only few treat the Holy Mass as a habit, a custom, or a thing that is necessary because of the pressure from the people around them. Also the fact that persons with a considerable disability declare experiencing the Holy Mass more profoundly than those whose physical status is decidedly better is an important observation.
  • Ks. Witold Janocha, Instytut Nauk o Rodzinie Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawla II, al. Raclawickie 14, 20-950 Lublin, Poland
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