2010 | 57 | 3 | 211-225
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NARRATION (AND ALSO) ON THE SUBJECT OF NARRATION (VINCENT SIKULA: WITH ROZARKA) (Rozpravanie (aj) o rozpravani (Vincent Sikula: S Rozarkou))

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The article is focused on interpretation of the most popular and known fiction by Slovak author Vincent Sikula. His novelette S Rozarkou (With Rozarka 1966) belongs to the early and the most productive period of his work (fictions from the 60-tieth) and represents one of two significant creative tendencies of the writer - he was focused more on the private problems, on a single relationship, destiny. Concurrently to that in a polyphonic narration with the book Nebyva na kazdom vrsku hostinec (There is not an Inn on Every Top Hill) he began to develop other socially - historical line, culminating in his collection of fictions Tazisko (The Locus). The study is an attempt to depict a narrative concept of the fiction, determining by two contra dictionary intentions. The narrator and the protagonist of the story took cares for an adult but mentally retarded sister Rozarka. Her condition cannot be (is not intentionally) determined. The empty space of silence is to be filled by something else not corresponding to the problem; almost half of the narration is filled with stories. Simple, private space, localized story of a brother and a sister´s sharing lives together became a source of themes which are foundational for the formatting principles of the narration; the fiction With Rozarka is in that way also a story about birth of a narrator who shares his experience coming from the difficult circumstances. Vincent Sikula developed in that novelette a unique variant of sentimentalism. His work is one of his creative climaxes and also it could be determined as regionally distinctive contribution to a Slovak version of 'sentimental maturing'. It is tendency putting together Sikula´s works with fictions of some of younger writers, e.g. Rudolf Sloboda, Pavol Vilikovsky, Dusan Kuzel, and Pavol Hruz.
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  • Vladimir Barborik, Ustav slovenskej literatury SAV, Konventna 13, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
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