2009 | 2 | 9-16
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DE-TECHNOLOGIZATION AND DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION: A MAIN RESULT OF REFORMS IN THE AGRICULTURE OF UKRAINE (Detekhnologuizatsyia and deindustrializatsyia - osnovnoi resultat reformirovaniya selskogo khozyaistva Ukrainy)

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Results of reforms in the agrarian sector of Ukraine in the post-Soviet years, following the neoliberal doctrine, are analyzed. In fact, these reforms were aimed at liquidation of large collective farms, which was supposed to push mass-scale development of farming in Ukraine. As a result of reformers' incompetence, the agrarian sector was plundered, as a heavy share of its resources was redistributed in favor of financial and trade capital. Effects of the reforms were technological degradation (deindustrialization), leading to heavy reduction in the agricultural output, in cattle-breeding in the first place, massive inflow of imported foods to Ukraine. But the most serious consequences of reforms in agriculture were the social ones (that concerned the Ukrainian population as a whole), which is proved by statistical data on decrease and demography trends in Ukraine. Finding solutions to many problems to revive the Ukrainian agrosector and adopt the innovation model in it requires adequate scientific support. It is shown by official statistical data and expert opinion, that Ukraine has a large scientific potential in the agrarian sector, although reduced in relation to 1991. Moreover, the agrarian research in financed predominantly from the budget (75%) unlike the research as a whole (39%), but is very weakly commercialized. A strategy for scientifically grounded reform of the Ukrainian agriculture is proposed, which will involve research component, financial regulation for enhancing innovation stimuli as well as re-organization, to enhance facility supply and technological support of the sector.
  • Boris A. Malitsky, Tsentr doslidzhen' naukovo-tekhnichnogo potentsialu ta istorii nauky imeni G.M. Dobrova NAN Ukrainy, bulvar Tarasa Shevchenka 60, 01032, Kyiv-32, Ukraine.
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