2008 | 8 | 181-197
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THE HISTORICAL EXILE OF THE MACEDONIAN PEOPLE IN THE NOVELS OF TASHKO GEORGIEVSKI (Istoriskiot progon na Makedontsite vo romanite ma Tashko Georgievski)

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In the year 1913, at the Conference in Bucharest, the great powers partitioned the territory of Macedonia among Greece (Egejska Makedonija), Serbia (Vardarska, in our time R. Macedonia), Bulgaria (Pirinska Makedonija) and Albania. After that, especially in Greece the Macedonian people were strongly forbidden to speak, learn and write in Macedonian language. The names of people, towns, villages, churches and graves have been replaced with Greek names and Greek alphabet. The Macedonian nation was retracted. In 1945 in Greece began the civil war. The Macedonian nation was terrorized, the houses and whole villages where burnt, the people killed, the myriad children, women and old people were expatriated from their homes. The Greeks wanted to deport the Macedonian nation from their land in order to eliminate the Macedonian identity. Tashko Georgievski and his family lived through these events and for this reason his novels are strongly based on the authentic and historical events. His heroes are authentic. He describes their destiny and lives that went through unbelievable terror and genocide. The families were separated, fathers were killed and mothers were separated from their children. Macedonian refugees didn't know where they were going, where they have been transported by force or where they would end by escaping from the terror. They were deported to different places around Europe, but it is even more terrible that many families found themselves separated on different continents. For instance, a mother was sent to Australia, one of her children to Russia while the other to Canada. That was a common destination of the Macedonian refuges from Greece. Only the wish for repatriation, to return to their homeland kept them alive.
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  • Valentina Mironska-Khtistovska, Institut za makedonska literatura, Skopje, Macedonia
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