2010 | 11 | 75-85
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RESULTS OF PROFESSIONAL TRAINING ACCORDING TO TEACHERS FROM MALOPOLSKA PROVINCE - RESEARCH REPORT (Efekty doskonalenia zawodowego w opinii nauczycieli wojewodztwa malopolskiego - raport z badan)

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The report presents the results of research aimed to show the effects of participating in professional training. The research, based on teachers' opinions, has been conducted in five Cracovian primary schools and junior highs on the group of 117 teachers. The method used was that of a diagnostic poll, and the technique - an interview based on a non-standardized questionnaire. The report reveals five areas - distinguished on the basis of the teachers' responses - where the results of professional training show. These include: teachers' professional skills, personal development, educating students, teaching results and cooperation with parents. In order to make the analysis more accurate, these fields have been further divided into smaller categories. The report displays qualitative and quantitative nature of these areas, and illustrates them with the respondents' statements. The article also provides opinions given by five principals on the results of their teachers' participation in professional training. Although the principals named the same areas as the teachers, there is some discrepancy in the impact both groups assign to particular areas. Positive results of participation in professional training, as expressed by the teachers, lead to the conclusion that in spite of a large number of forms of professional training and the burden of various promotion-related requirements, the training is still beneficial for the participants, other teachers, students and their parents.
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  • Magdalena Rzepa, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Instytut Pedagogiki, Zaklad Pedagogiki Spolecznej i Andragogiki, ul. Batorego 12, 31-135 Kraków, Poland.
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