2008 | 3 | 181-192
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Wydział Teologiczny Papieskiej Akademii Teologicznej w Krakowie

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It was at the request of Blessed Queen Hedwig and her husband Jagiello that on 11 January 1397 Pope Boniface IX signed a bull allowing foundation of the Faculty of Theology in Kraków. This very date marks the beginning of the six hundred years history of the Faculty's activities. Unfortunately, in 1954 the Faculty of Theology was removed by a unilateral edict of the communist Cabinet. This decision, however, did not cease the actual and canonical existence of the Faculty. In 1959 the Apostolic See issued a decree stating that the Faculty of Theology in accordance with its Founding Charter and character 'remains under the supervision of one ecclesiastic authority and in the future is to be formed according to the laws passed by the Apostolic See'. In 1974 owing to the efforts of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla the honorable title 'Papal' was bestowed upon the Faculty. A turning point in the history of the Faculty of Theology in Kraków came when on 8 December 1981 the Holy Father issued a Motu proprio Beata Hedvigis' in virtue of which the Pontifical Academy of Theology with three faculties of theology, philosophy and Church history was established. The aim of the Faculty of Theology is to provide versatile and systematic knowledge of God's revelation, its sources, the message and the forms of transmission, the attitude of man towards God revealing himself to him and the many forms of this Revelation in various centuries and ways of Church life. In studies leading to acquire the Master's degree, which lasts six years, there are mainly alumni preparing for priesthood. They come from diocesan and religious seminaries as well as theological institutes affiliated with the Academy. There are also theological studies for laity and nuns who have graduated from the Inter-Congregational Higher Education of Catechetic. The Faculty has 32 chairs which are grouped in 8 specializations: biblical theology, fundamental theology, dogmatic theology, moral theology, theology of spirituality, practical theology, liturgy and canon law. Besides, within the Faculty there are: the Institute of Liturgy, the Institute of Family and the Institute of Canon Law. The Faculty has contracts with 15 seminaries for candidates for ordained ministry and 4 institutes of higher theological education who receive their degrees from the Faculty. After the removal from the University 11 105 students (ordained and lay people) graduated from the Faculty. The Faculty also conferred 308 doctorate degrees in theology (DD) and 85 degrees of habilitated doctor. In 2007 it had 1396 students. The Faculty has the accreditation of the University Accreditation Commission (UAC). The Faculty is also a member of the Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions (COCTI). It collaborates with different foreign faculties, especially within the LLP-Erasmus (the EU Program).
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  • J. Mieczkowski, Papieska Akademia Teologiczna w Krakowie, Wydzial Teologiczny, Katedra Historii Liturgii, ul. Franciszkanska 1, 31-004 Kraków, Poland.
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