2009 | 2 | 16-24
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LABOR AND CAPITAL: THEIR ROLE AND MUTUAL INFLUENCE IN THE CONDITIONS OF GLOBALIZATION (Trud i capital: ikh rol' i vzaimovliyaniye v usloviyakh globalizatsii)

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Specificity of the influence of main production factors on social relations are analyzed in the globalization context, on the assumption that globalization, apart from intensive economic growth in developed countries, evolves multiple problems of social origin. The globalized world radically changes economic relations, due to the newly emerging contradictions and development prospects, new forms of international cooperation and economic integration; the increasing role of intellectual factor; aggravation of problems within the system 'human - society - nature'. All the production factors (labor, resources, capital, entrepreneurship as an activity to enhance the efficiency of uses of the former three factors in production) are equally required for the development. But today 'distortions' within the system of production relations occur, due to the dictate of those who own resources and capital, as well as to interferences of power authorities. The latter seem to try to become the fifth factor of production, but in the result they only suppress the natural course of things in the production development, largely due to their wrong attitude to entrepreneurs. On the basis of the above assumptions, the real role of production factors in the national (Ukrainian) production is determined in view of the influence of power authorities.
  • Vasyl' S. Yatskov, Tsentr doslidzhen' naukovo-tekhnichnogo potentsialu ta istorii nauky imeni G.M. Dobrova NAN Ukrainy, bulvar Tarasa Shevchenka 60, 01032, Kyiv-32, Ukraine.
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