2011 | 16-17 | 162-168
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STOCKHOLM'S EXPERIENCE: MAKING ROOM FOR ADOPTED HOME (Doswiadczenie Sztokholmu: dom zaadoptowany)

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The Essay 'Stockholm's experience: making room for rooting' institutes a wide aspect concern about issue connected with metropolitan city experience, hospitality and rooting. The Author confirms, that Stockholm is a unique metropolitan city founded on upturned order, where aspects of city corporeality turns into a great machinery, full of conscious mechanisms. From the first volume she tried to describe Stockholm using only one word, and at the beginning it was 'reserved', but later she found others as 'well organized' or 'distinct'. The Rareness of this city shows that each word is like mirror, which makes an accurate perspective of whole city structure. Author confirms, that using these words it is possible to make a view about this great Scandinavian metropolitan city. The Second these shows that also using this words, it is possible to make a reflection about rooting and hospitality on three separated areas: cultural, urban, political. So far, meditation has considered on the people, who live in Stockholm. Author has convinced, that Stockholm citizen's attitude is favorable, when we talk about rooting or domestication. Stockholm's people way of life has seduced and magnetized into the city in very strongly sense. As the final result Stockholm experience making an impression for tourist or stranger, that this metropolitan has a one rule - each citizen presents these, that city is a state of mind and Stockholm also is the state of strangers' mind. This specific construction attracts strangers, tourists seduces and builds a vision - the metropolitan city which has its own order, which is located in English phrase - the city of whole consuming thought. Author describes Stockholm experience using word 'absorbing', this is a key word, which explains possibility of rooting and hospitality in this metropolitan city. Stockholm makes a place, which has not making strangers home-sickness, even nostalgic. On the contrary - citizen has made a space and room for better life and better place to live, but this is possible only through research which are connected with the rooting aspect. After one day of visiting Stockholm, author marks feelings, which are connected with this experience and gives such as these, that beyond facts such as that Stockholm is not her born place, her own place or place connected with her life start opportunity. It does not matter, because she thinks about this city as her home. Author confirms, that she is not a Swedish, but she percepts Stockholm as a place of her way back.
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  • mgr Magdalena Klosinska, Uniwersytet Slaski, Zaklad Teorii i Historii Kultury, Pl. Sejmu Slaskiego1, 40-032, Katowice, Poland
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