2014 | 58 | 35-52
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“Tibupoeg Pio” maagia ehk vaartusliku traditsioonilise teksti ootamatust esiletousust

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Magic of the Little Chick Cheep: A Sudden Emergence of a Valuable Traditional Text
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The article focuses on the song “Il Pulcino Pio” (in Eng. The Little Chick Cheep), which was released and became a real hit in Italy in 2012, analysing the reasons for its popularity. In a more detailed investigation of the ostensibly simplistic song with no special content, the author explains its deep semiotic meaning and derivation from the most ancient layers of consciousness. The analysis points to the main factors that helped the song get fixed in the minds of the general public: children’s song form reminding of cumulative fairytales, counting-out rhymes and primitive ditties; the chain structure of the alternating text and video; imitations of animal sounds and easily memorable rhythm, and an unexpected finale. The analysis elucidates the mechanism and purpose of “The Little Chick Cheep”: to derive exalted pleasure, free the mind from anxiety, by delving into a childish, primitive, primal state, which is generated by simultaneous visual, audial and semantic techniques directed at activating the archetypes of collective subconsciousness.
  • The Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Typology and Comparative Linguistics, Leninsky Prospect, build. 32-А, 119334 Moscow
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