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2016 | 24 | 64-76

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Empirical examination of the implementation of electronic payment systems in service delivery of insurance companies in Nigeria


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This study investigates the implementation of electronic payment syms in the service delivery of insurance companies operating in Nigeria. A cross-sectional survey design employed. A simple random technique and structured questionnaire were both employed. 79 respondents were drawn from 32 insurance companies which were selected from the directory of member companies. The major statistical technique employed for this study was a Kolmogorovāˆ’Smirnov test. The study recommends that continuous investment in technology is imperatively crucial to allow for cordial business relationship among all players in the Nigerian insurance market environment and greater attention should be placed on customersā€™ education and engagement.






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  • Department of Insurance. Lagos State University. Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Department of Insurance. Lagos State University. Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria


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