2012 | 43 | 313-330
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Mikrofilmowanie narodowego zasobu bibliotecznego

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In the late 1970s attempts were made to create a national system of scientific information (SINTO). In 1977, within the confines of this project, the National Library of Poland, the Jagiellonian Library, and the National Ossoliński Institute came up with a ‘National Library Resources’ project, which aimed at protecting resources ‘created by Polish people in the Polish language, or discussing issues connected with Poland; containing information about the intellectual heritage of Poland, it’s history and culture, and Polish contributions to worldwide civilisation’ by microfilming them. At the same time, the Polish Librarians’ Association used microfilming to conduct the first complex research in libraries. Questionnaires show that only the National Library of Poland conducted a nationwide program for protecting historic writings and bringing together the Polish press. Thanks to a microfilming project started in the 1950s by Andrzej Wyczański, and later continued by Konrad Zawadzki, by the end of 1970 the Institute of Microfilm Collection (ZZM) of the National Library of Poland held 112 000 units, while 150 other libraries questioned had gathered 78 000 units in total. Large libraries were included in order to intensify the security of the program. Earlier cooperation between the National Library of Poland, the Jagiellonian Library, and the National Ossoliński Institute in making the National Library Resources, became a reason for creating the National Microfilm Resources and Central Microfilm Catalogue. Its core was supposed to be the resources of the ZZM. Based on regional divisions, a further plan for microfilming and exchanging copies was made. The Jagiellonian Library took responsibility for the Cracovian and former Western Galician collections. The National Ossoliński Institute took care of Wrocław and the Eastern Galicia regions. As for the National Library of Poland, it was responsible for microfilming editions from Warsaw and the surrounding areas, and periodicals before 1800. Moreover, thanks to this division of work, the ZZM could protect new prints and documents of social life to a greater extent. Unfortunately, the National Microfilm Resources and Central Microfilm Catalogue, as well as the SINTO system and the National Library Resources, remained only as theoretical concepts, and were never realized.
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  • Biblioteka Narodowa, Zakład Cyfrowej Biblioteki Narodowej Polona, al. Niepodległości 213, 02-086 Warszawa,
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