2011 | 12 | 55-71
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Filozofia śladu i obecności. W poszukiwaniu filozoficznych perspektyw poznawania Boga przez słowo i pismo

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Philosophy of marks and presence. Enquiry into philosophical perspectives of knowing God through word and scripture
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The question about a desirable relationship between theology and philosophy needs to be placed in a specific cultural context. Today, there are philosophies whose cooperation with theology brings tangible and unquestioned mutual fruits. On the other end of the spectrum there are proponents of philosophical systems that are quite remote from recognizing the articles of faith proclaimed by the Catholic Church, and from theological schools of thought that examine and explain them. Between these opposites there exists a vast area for a development, where one can find such types of a philosophical discourse, which, while trying to reach best possible correspondence with the present views of the world, resulting from a cultural absorption of scientific enquires, nevertheless remain opened to a religious thought. There are currents that propose potential solutions in defining practical tasks of theology concerned with the needs of a pastoral dialogue with the man being shaped by the contemporary civilisation. Therefore, it is worthwhile to cast a closer look at the anthropological descriptions of man as seen through the eyes of the contemporary philosophy, as well as examine the ways of the interpretation of the constitutive cultural texts, including the Bible, the latter being one of the most important sources of our knowledge about God and the most essential articles of the Christian faith. The place of the Bible in the culture, however, is submitted to changes. Taking up a dialogue with such philosophical systems that propose, for example, F. Ebner, J. Derrida, E. Levinas, E. Havelock or A. Gawroński – among other thinkers – we may see many problems concerning the function of the word and scripture as the intermediaries between God and man in quite a new light.
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  • Wydział Nauk Społecznych. Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach
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