2011 | 19 | 57-127
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Udział sił zbrojnych Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w operacji przejmowania ziem dawnych Prus Królewskich i Prus Książęcych przyzna-nych jej na mocy traktatu w Wersalu (styczeń-luty 1920 r.)

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The participation of the Republic of Poland services in the seizure operation of the territory formerly belonging to the Royal Prussia and Dutchy of Prussia, which were granted to Poland by virtue of the Versal Treaty (January-February 1920)
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Despite lapse of many years since the incidents described therein and today’s quite rich literature concerning the issue, in Polish historiography there is still lack of full and exhaustive overview regarding the participation of the Polish armed forces in the operation of seizure of lands ceded to Poland by Germany by virtue of the Versal Treaty in January and February 1920. It is happening although from time to time, mainly when the opportunity of subsequent anniversary occurs, the subject-matter seems to generate interest of historians. Meanwhile by reason of long-lasting arrangements and the seize of forces engaged then by the Republic of Poland, it was one of prior military operations in which the Polish Army and Navy took part during „independence and borders wars” fought by the Polish state and its army in the years 1918-1921. Thus the author needed to achieve his goal by describing in possibly comprehensive way the participation of the Polish armed forces, therefore both Polish Army and Navy, in the operation of seizure of Pomeranian lands in 1920. Therefore he discussed and rated the unrealized plans to seizure Pomerania, which came into being in various Polish military and political circles in 1918 and 1919, including those which were attempted to base exclusively on potential military possibilities, namely rebel ones of the population of Pomerania. The next crucial issue that was raised by him were the Polish-German negotiations, in result of which, the principles and way of vindication action conduct were determined. One showed their stages and indicated the difficulties that accompanied them. In the end, their final result was shown together with established in the end of 1919 and approved in the beginning of 1920 detailed plan of the course of military vindication action, carried out by the forces of the Polish Army and Navy. The following complex of issues discussed by the author are the Polish military preparations for vindication action. Therefore he took up a description of organisational situation of Pomeranian Front and all military formations that were part of it. The trouble was taken to prepare the full register of forces involved in that operation. Moreover, the author presented the course of vindication action together with a schedule of Polish military forces seizuring individual places like even Toruń, Grudziądz and Bydgoszcz. It was also pointed at few cases during which it led to conflicts and shoot-out between the stepped Polish Army and outgoing German troops. The course of Puck celebrations, which took place on 10 February 1920, was characterised. The entirety of those deliberations is ended by discussing the course of liquidation of Pomeranian Front, which forces in winter and spring of 1920 were consecutively transferred to the East, where they entered into the composition of armies orientated then against the Red Army.
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