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2012 | 8 | 2 | 278-293

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Odpowiedź na polemikę, czyli więcej na temat publikacji w języku angielskim w zagranicznych czasopismach przez polskich specjalistów nauk społecznych i humanistycznych



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Response to a polemic – more about the publications in English by Polish scholars, specialists in the social sciences and the humanities

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This text constitutes a response to the polemic reaction on my previous publication regarding the key issue within the Polish scientists’ careers (specialists in the humanities and the social sciences) – evaluation of their academic achievements on grounds of their publications in English in a specific high-ranking English-language journals. This time, I analyze the questions below related to the reliability of Web browsers, the scientific credibility of the Impact Factor, and to the different kinds of bias causing ineffectiveness of the commonly used bibliometric practices within the discussed scientific areas. Moreover, this article discusses the issue concerning publishing Polish scientists’ non-English articles. It also presents a problem of a wide dissemination of Polish knowledge abroad, indicating the validity of ascientific world perception, which is different from the anglocentric one. The text is enriched with a chosen current literature, which complements the presented analysis.








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  • Instytut Socjologii Uniwersytet Warszawski ul. Karowa 18 00-927 Warszawa, Poland


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