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2008 | 43 | 53 - 62

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Late La Tène period with focus on ethnicity in the Hron and Ipeľ river basins

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The area of South Slovakia is one of the less researched areas. The density of its settlement in the La Tène period was highest during the middle La Tène, while in the late La Tène period the settlement stagnated. Late La Tène sites occur only in the northern part of the territory, which is the area of Púchov culture. Only six of the sites are in the Hron and Ipeľ river basins. Our research does not take into account the finds that date to this period too generally. The following are the hill forts that probably existed in the late La Tène period: Detva, Horné Pršany, Krivín - Rybník, Selce, Šášovské Podhradie and Žiar nad Hronom. The population of the late La Tène sites in Slovakia (including that between rivers Hron and Slaná) is normally identified with Celtic tribes. The Cotini are considered the bearers of Púchov culture. In the Hron river basin they are placed mostly in the northern areas (Detva, Horná Lehota, Horné Pršany, etc.). Sometimes, they are localised in the wider area of central Slovakia or even as south as the Danube. However, this is opposed by the fact that the area was not settled, or was only settled in the upper Hron river basin. It seems to be impossible that the Cotini would settle by the Danube. The Dacians are another group which can be excluded from the settlement in the Hron and Ipeľ river basins, since we do not have any evidence of them in this area, as opposed to the areas which border present day Hungary. We have just sporadic or unpublished finds from this area (Chrastince, Ipeľské Predmostie, Kamenín, Maďarovce, Slovenské Ďarmoty, Šarovce). The Osi might have been settled in the northern parts of Pannonia but written records of them are even scarcer than in the case of other ethnicities. As with the other ethnic groups, their settlement in the researched area is not attested in the late La Tène period, including the Ipeľ river basin, which is a likely settlement area. The bearers of Púchov culture - the Cotini - seem to be the only population that certainly lived in the upper Hron river basin. Some La Tène relics may have relation to the other Celtic tribes, especially the Boii or another, unnamed tribe. Based on excavations, the only ethnic group in the Hron and Slaná areas are the Celtic Cotini. The arrival of Germanic tribes to the area in the Roman period modified the ethnic map.





53 - 62

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  • Slovenský archeologický a historický inštitút, Vajnorská 8/A, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


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