2015 | 24 | 4 | 111-121
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Błogosławiony ks. Michał Sopoćko. Kapłan o miłosiernym obliczu

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Blessed father Michał Sopoćko. A priest with a merciful face
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This article is an attempt of a holistic outlook on blessed father Michał Sopoćko. Looking in this way we can easily see in him a passion to speak and teach about the endless Divine Mercy. Firstly and mainly we discover in him a priest with model zeal, as it flows out of his personal convictions and surrendering to the Divine Mercy. The whole life of blessed Michał has three main motifs: the first one was the experience of the Divine Mercy (active in sacraments) and of human mercy (particularly in his youth and seminarian life). The second motif was demonstrating mercy in concrete actions addressed towards relatives, the faithful in his care (parishioners, soldiers, seminary students and religious sisters) and towards particular groups (youth, national minorities). The third motif which joined the two previous ones and activated them was his personal devotion to the Divine Mercy. Thanks to such deep prayer life and its consistency, conscientious research of the truth of the Divine Mercy in the Bible, liturgy, tradition and Church magisterium he was filled with genuine mercy.
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